Embrace™ Smart Mirror. The First Full-featured Touchscreen Smart Mirror

The Smart Mirror

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"The Embrace™ Smart Mirror is the world's first and only motion-activated, splash-proof, full-featured Android™ mirror for smart, easy, living that you control with voice commands, gestures and touch. And it's an elegant, high-quality glass mirror that's just 27 mm thick!"

A sample from over two million (2,000,000) apps to use on Embrace™

Google Assistant
Philips Hue
Sengled Pulse Solo
Uber Eats
Kasa (TP-Link)
Google Chrome
Netgear Arlo
Neo Smart Blinds

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Compatible with top Home Automation systems.
Telstra Home™, Samsung SmartThings™, Control4™
Works with Google Assistant™ and Google Home™
Control lights, speakers, locks, blinds, sensors and more.
Send emails 100% hands-free with your voice.
Schedule your day, play games or watch TV.
Skype™ video chat with family and friends...




Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)
CE Marking (Conformité Européene)
FCC Declaration of Conformity (The Federal Communications Commission)
Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Restriction of Hazardous Substances Compliant
Embrace Endless Possibilities

Order home delivery or an Uber™ to take you out.
Follow recipes in the kitchen.
Watch hair and makeup tutorials in the bathroom.
Visit websites, use your favourite apps, create reminders...
Embrace™ Endless Possibilities

Instantly on when you need it and always standing by when you don't. Automatically!

Hands-free, motion-activated & touchscreen

Splash-proof, Android™ apps, speakers, camera & mic

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth™ + Ethernet + USB

It goes to sleep when you're not using it.
It wakes when you come back.

  • Auto-sleep after selected period of inactivity

  • Motion sensor or touch to auto-wake

  • Mirror Mode to sleep immediately

  • Consumes around $3/quarter power (calculation)

  • Patent Pending AU2018900070


Drag & Drop Customisation

Play Store Apps & Widgets

Embrace the beginning of ambient computing

The future success of this device is as a Google Home hub. Every smart thing controlled from the one place instead of using a smartphone. Full article.

GadgetGuy.com.au, Ray Shaw

Even gesturing towards it will activate it

Ever since I over-identified with the wicked stepmother in Snow White, I’ve always wanted a mirror to double as a servant slash frenemy. Full article.

Domain.com.au, Natalie Reilly

One of the most enjoyable stories that I have written

Steve … quickly demonstrated all its capabilities e.g. it is just awesome for home automation. (I was gobsmacked!) – Full article.

Domainer.com.au, Ned O'Meara

super cool and looks flash in a home

…the mirror is a Google Home. You can ask your mirror to display the weather, play YouTube video clips, play music, and set up a selfie.

The Australian, Chris Griffith

ready to accept commands at any time

…you can use a simple voice command and touch to fill a bathroom with music and take a Skype video call hands-free at the drop of a hat. Full article.


prepare to meet the next addition to a smart home

If what you’re looking for is a gadget that could shift your regular mirror into something a little smarter and more web savvy, this might be it.

Pickr.com.au, Leigh Stark

who’s the smartest mirror of them all? It can only be the Embrace Android-powered smart mirror.

…as we move more to a world of home automation the possible uses for the device increase.

iTWire.com, David M Williams

weatherproof enough to put in your bathroom

You can call up your emails, surf the web, take selfies … watch YouTube, all from the comfort of your bathroom, your hallway or anywhere else you need a mirror…

AFR.com, John Davidson

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1.8 GHz Octa-Core CPU

Quad-core PowerVR GPU


16 GB eMMC Storage

23.6-inch 1080p IPS LCD

10-point touchscreen

8 MP Camera

Voice recognition

Motion sensor

3-watt stereo speakers

Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n d-b

LAN/Ethernet + USB 2.0

Bluetooth™ 4.0

Android™ 6.0.1

Power & Camera On/Off

Weight: 14 kg

Size: 800 x 600 x 27 mm

Colour: Black & Silver

Materials: Metal & Glass

Australian 12V 4A Power

Power Consumption

Less than 3-watts in standby, under 36W while on

Kids love it

I have great kids that grew up around technology. Nothing impresses these jerks, though, and that’s my fault. But they like this smart mirror.

Matt Burns, TechCrunch.com

Looks even better in person

The design is contemporary and I love how convenient and simple it is to use.

It’s great having a computer at your finger tips, accessible with just the wave of a hand.
Aaron Frauenfelder, Melbourne

Absolutely my favourite new toy

I now use it instead of my phone to control everything in my house. It’s Amazing!!!

Eva Yoo, Eastwood

Form meets function

Embrace is like magic – I’ll never skip a beat with the Embrace Smart Mirror around the house – and the great thing is everyone already knows how to use it!

Geof Zhang, Sydney

We’ve had Embrace for a month

We use it in our office for reminders, meetings, statistics on sales, and we installed a weather forecast app as a screensaver. The best thing about it is that it blends in with the room’s design. It’s like a normal mirror, but it lights up when you walk in front of it.

Roland Murg, Romania

We’ve lost our Smart Mirror!

We purchased a Smart Mirror for the kitchen so we could check email and use if for following recipes (hate using my phone). But we lost it to our kids, now they hog it watching YouTube videos! Great fun and highly recommended.

Ian Butler, Brisbane

The Smart Mirror


Play your way. Watch or listen to whatever you like, wherever you like – all your favourite tunes, shows and movies. On the mirror itself or play it through a Chromecast.


Check today’s weather, stock prices, traffic or movie session times. Settle trivia debates. Or just find out which part of a spring onion you cook.


Relax and enjoy. With Embrace, your recipe is big, clear, and right in front of you, yet completely out of the way. And it never goes to sleep while you’re reading it. So you can follow along with ease.


Control your whole home. Lights, air-conditioning, movies, music, fans, security system, front door, garage door… You can even turn the kettle on from your bedroom!


It’s your personal assistant on the wall. Easily add events and reminders, set alarms and timers, and view your schedule for the day – or the month. All syncs with your other devices.


Don’t rely on patchy audio from an old-fashioned baby monitor. Keep a loving eye on your bundle of joy in full HD! Both video and sound. And keep an eye on the front door while you’re at it.


Nobody likes a photobomber! Especially when it’s your phone. With Embrace, that’s now a thing of the past. You can quickly and easily take a photo of your outfit without your phone spoiling the shot. Just say the word…

“OK Google, take a selfie” … then set the countdown timer and pose!


Stick with your socials, through thick and thin. Even when you’re busy with a gazillion household tasks, Embrace makes it super simple to squeeze in some valuable Facebook time. And a bit of Twitter. And some Instagram. And…


Don’t stop talking. Ever. Even when your hands are full, or your phone’s at the other end of the house. With Embrace, you can do hands-free voice and video, so your talking will never get in the way of your doing.


Forget ‘shop ‘til you drop’. With Embrace, you don’t even have to stop what you’re doing, much less go anywhere or walk yourself into the ground. Shop while you’re cooking, cleaning, getting ready or even showering!


Embrace makes getting anywhere easier. You can order an Uber, check last minute timetable changes, traffic conditions and drive times, research flight prices, or review your To Do list one last time before you leave home.


A new you, every day. Follow inspiring and fun makeup and hairstyling tutorials, without once looking away from the mirror. All the action takes place right there in front of you, so even the trickiest techniques are easy to learn.


There’s no need to stop what you’re doing. Whether it’s a chat message, a Facebook update, a comment, a note to yourself, an email to a client or a letter to council, you can write it all and save or send it with your voice. Faster than you can type, too!


Absolutely! You can just say “OK Google” or “Hey Google”, then tell it to do something. Below’s a sample of some useful voice controls, and please note Chromecast, smart lights and plugs, wireless cameras etc are third-party products and sold separately.

“Hey Google, turn off the kitchen light and then turn on the living room light”
“OK Google, take a selfie”
“OK Google, play Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do on YouTube”
“OK Google, open Uber Eats”
“OK Google, email Mum”
“OK Google, what’s the value of Wesfarmers’ shares?”
“Hey Google, turn on the kettle”
“Hey Google, play Star Trek Voyager from Netflix on the living room TV”
“OK Google, wake me at 6”
“Hey Google, add shampoo to my shopping list”
“Hey Google, change the master bedroom light’s brightness to 20 per cent”
“Hey Google, when’s the next train to Woolloomooloo?”
“OK Google, change the hallway light’s colour to green”
“OK Google, what’s the weather forecast tonight?”
“OK Google, take a note”
“Hey Google, remind me to eat more apples”
“OK Google, enable Bluetooth”
“Hey Google, turn off the office fan”
“Hey Google, what’s the traffic like to work?”

We recommend buying any brand name Wi-Fi bulbs as they’re very easy to set up; they just screw into your existing light fittings/fixtures like a standard light bulb. No special or new wiring is required. They’re wireless and function over Wi-Fi, but they can still be turned on/off through a standard switch. The specific model we recommend is the TP-Link LB130 with Colour Changing Hue. They’re priced $50-90 each and are available through various outlets including eBay, and can be completely controlled (colour, brightness, scenes, schedules etc) with voice and/or touch through Embrace.

Yep. Just sign in with your Google Account and Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Chrome, Docs… will all sync automatically. The same applies to any other compatible apps that you normally sign into (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Evernote etc). In that respect, it’s exactly like having another phone or a tablet.

Yep, yep and yep! It’s certified IP65, which means “protected against low pressure water jets from any direction”. In other words it’s splash-proof, moisture resistant and more than a match for even the steamiest bathroom.

It’s a 23.6″ (59.9 cm) flat-panel display with a full 10-point capacitive touchscreen.

Embrace has a 1920 x 1080 pixel high-definition IPS LCD with 16.7 million colours and a brightness of 400 Nits (cd/m2).

Absolutely. A 12-month Australian warranty: if your Embrace stops working due to a manufacturing defect, we’ll repair, replace or refund it.

You can use Embrace as the main hub of your smart home, controlling virtually any other compatible device or appliance in your home. If the smart home device (smart bulb or plug, camera, sensor etc) or appliance (air conditioner, fridge, washing machine, toaster even) has a compatible Android™ app, it can be used with, and controlled from Embrace.

You can control it just as you would any other Android™ device: with touch and voice. But there’s one big difference: you don’t have to touch Embrace to wake it up. It has an inbuilt motion sensor, so it wakes automatically when you approach it. This means you can use it with your voice immediately.

Yep. So you can do video calls using Skype and Zoom, take selfies and record video, all without holding a device. It has a motion sensor too, so it wakes up automatically whenever you walk up to it.

Embrace is already compatible with over two million apps. If you can use an app on an Android™ tablet, you can most likely use the app on Embrace, such as Skype for voice and video chats, Facebook, Gmail, Philips Hue to control lights, YouTube, Kasa for smart home control, Domino’s, EatNow, UberEats, Trello, Chrome, iview, SBS On Demand, tenplay, Mitsubishi Connect to control heating and cooling… all work fine. Embrace is however not yet compatible with every single Android™ app due to various reasons including its large and unique 23.6″ touchscreen display. So a very small minority of all available apps don’t currently work properly, or at all, on Embrace. But we’re working hard towards ensuring Embrace is compatible with them in the future! Please note we’re happy to test all of your favourite apps on Embrace to confirm whether they work and are compatible to avoid potential disappointment.

Only 27 mm. Which is a touch thicker than a standard mirror, and about half the thickness of a TV the same size.

800 mm wide x 600 mm tall. Just the right size!

Very little. When awake, it uses less than 36-watts, and when asleep, less than 3W. In plain English, that means if you use it for 1 hour per day, and it’s in standby mode the rest of the time, it’ll cost around $3 for an entire quarter.

No. Without a Google Account, you can still use YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, browse the web, access your non-Gmail email, and use some apps that come pre-installed on the device. But with a Google Account, you’ll be able to get so much more out of it. Like being able to use it with your voice to control smart home devices and appliances. And with a free Google Account, you will also be able to sync it with your phone, play video and music through a Chromecast, get personalised news and updates, add events and reminders, and download any other compatible apps you want.

Embrace is plug and play and has an intuitive, easy to use interface. All it requires is power and a fast Internet connection, especially if you want to stream content in full HD. You also need a free Google Account so you can download and update apps from the Android Play Store.

Nope! Embrace has an inbuilt motion sensor, so it wakes automatically when you walk up to it. This means you can use voice controls immediately.

Yes it is in that you just sign in with your Google Account and Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Chrome, Docs… will all sync automatically between Embrace and your iOS devices. The same applies to any other compatible apps that you normally sign into (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Evernote etc). In that respect, it’s exactly like having another phone or a tablet. Further clarification: Embrace runs on the Android operating system. The Android OS is a competitor to iOS. However, most iOS apps (especially the most popular ones) have an Embrace compatible app in the Android Play Store! We’re happy to test any of your favourite apps on Embrace for you to check whether they work and are compatible to avoid potential disappointment. Please contact us.

Sure can, in minutes! It has two support holes and can hang like a painting using the two supplied screws and plugs. It also has the industry standard VESA Mounting Interface (400 x 200 mm), and comes with the fixtures to mount it on either:

a brick/concrete wall; or
gyprock/plasterboard/drywall (or tiles) if you can directly screw into the studs. (Otherwise the screws won’t hold 14 kg if they’re only screwed into the gyprock.) For that, you’ll need a plasterboard anchor available from all Bunnings stores.)

Yes. Embrace uses the industry standard VESA Mounting Interface (400 x 200 mm).

If you’re in Australia, shipping is free. If you’re somewhere else, please contact us.

Embrace is designed for 24/7 round-the-clock continuous use:

Auto-sleep after user selected period of inactivity.
Motion sensor or touch option to auto-wake.
Tap on Mirror Mode to sleep immediately.
Select Touch or Motion option to wake from Mirror Mode.

Yep. In fact, voice-control is one of its big benefits. So long as it’s awake, you can just say “OK Google”, then tell it to do something. For example:

“OK Google, send an email”
“OK Google, add client meeting to my calendar, tomorrow at 9 am”
“OK Google, take a selfie”
“OK Google, play Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Do”
“OK Google, open Facebook”
“OK Google, how much is Bitcoin worth today?”

When your Embrace is switched off, it looks exactly like any other mirror. In fact, you can’t tell just by looking at it that it’s a smart mirror.

Embrace weighs 14 kg, and can be wall-mounted or attached to a stand. Approx 5 kg is solely due to its custom made high-quality glass mirror; it’s a beautiful 800 x 600 x 4 mm

Sure does! Stereo speakers, in fact. The sound quality is surprisingly good and easily fills a large room! We integrated the best, affordable speakers we could, but if you’re an audiophile you can easily connect Embrace to a range of stand-alone wireless speakers through either Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi multi-room system such as Sonos.

Embrace runs on Android™ 6.0.1, ‘Marshmallow’. Of course, because it’s a unique device, we’ve had to make a few tweaks to Android, just as all the phone manufacturers do – Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony and so on. But we’ve kept it as close to the stock Android experience as possible (closer than any of those manufacturers!). We figure why mess with a good thing?

Sure can. Just like any smartphone or tablet, you just choose the Wi-Fi network you want and type the password.

Yep. Which is helpful if you want to talk through a wireless headset or earpiece, or listen to music on a Bluetooth™ speaker or headphones, or type with a Bluetooth keyboard and ‘tap’ with a Bluetooth mouse, or pair it with a fitness tracker, Bluetooth scales or any other Bluetooth device, as long as it has a compatible Android™ app.

No. You can think of Embrace as a device that provides many of the same features as a Google Home device, but it’s also a modern piece of home decor, one that looks great in any room, and does so much more than just respond to voice commands with audio… 😉

The current model is not perfect. You may experience bugs now and then. The odd app crash or two. But really, it’s quite stable and awesome for home automation or we would not offer it for sale. It’s an amazing remote control via touch and/or voice for Google Home compatible devices, Sonos speakers, Skype video chat etc.
The current model also works especially well with productivity apps like the Google Assistant, Calendar, Gmail, Docs etc and of course YouTube runs well, online shopping through eBay is a delight and best of all the home automation apps like Kasa from TP-Link, Hue from Philips, Control4, Samsung SmartThings all consistently run well and are stable on Embrace. We’ve had seven of the current models running 24/7 for over six months now. One in a steamy bathroom and they all still look brand new and run even better than they did on their first day; due to a steady stream of over-the-air updates.

Sorry, no, but if we make a future model, adding a GPS module and a SIM slot are at the top of our wish list too!

Only mains power at this stage, so yes, it needs to be plugged in. It only sips at the electricity, though. When awake, it uses less than 36-watts, and when asleep, less than 3W. In plain English, that means if you use it for 1 hour per day, and it’s in standby mode the rest of the time, it’ll cost around $3 for an entire quarter.

We’re looking at large scale manufacturing in 2019 of a high-end model, but could expedite the process if we receive demand. Conceptual development is almost complete. It will have upgraded hardware and run Android 8.1, perhaps even 9.1, instead of the current model’s 6.0.1 — It will also be Certified Android, which is one step that alone will take approx. two months to complete. However, we can’t yet confirm whether an improved model will even go into production. We’re still evaluating market demand and competitors’ products while working on several 2.0 alpha prototype iterations. If Embrace 2.0 does go into production, we’d definitely offer all purchasers of an Embrace Prototype a considerable discount to show our thanks if they were to upgrade in the future.


We’re an Australian company of geeks who love tech. Particularly tech that makes life easier.

Since 2014, we’ve thought the world needed a smart mirror, but no-one was building one. So we decided to do it ourselves. And over the next few years, Embrace – and the world’s first production smart mirror – was developed.

Today, the innovation that started life as a simple DIY hardware project in our founder’s living room is set to become an international business. In collaboration with our engineering partners in Hong Kong and parts suppliers and factory in China, Embrace Smart Mirrors are now being produced on a quality-controlled production line, capable of outputting thousands of units per year. Read more…

Steven Baxt

Chief Technical Officer

Amit Surana

Senior Technical Consultant

Lars Sorhus









Flashing Embrace™

This is our first post in a series of planned tutorials. This tutorial is for the early adopters

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Embrace is the world’s first full-featured smart mirror. But the journey to that title was a long one…

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