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Embrace is the world’s first full-featured smart mirror. But the journey to that title was a long one…

In 2014, when Embrace™ started life, large wall-mountable Android™ touchscreen computers were non-existent. The concept of a device that was touchscreen, Android tablet AND full-sized mirror – the concept of a ‘smart mirror’ – was completely unseen besides in science fiction movies, a handful of prototypes and unheard of outside a few geeky DIY communities. It just so happened that our founder, Steven Baxt, was a part of one of those geeky communities.

He’d been obsessed with the idea of creating an Android smart mirror for smart home automation for a few years and, with the help of some ‘how to build a magic mirror’ tutorials, he’d finally cobbled together something of a Frankenstein’s monster mirror in his living room in Strathfield (a suburb in Sydney, Australia).

It was primitive and glitchy, and a long way from pretty, but it was enough to reassure Steve that he was on the right track. Seeing it in the flesh convinced him that the world absolutely needed a smart mirror. That everyone deserves the opportunity to own one. He saw the potential to position the product as the go to device for smart home control and related residential applications.

His challenge was to refine his invention to make it consumer ready and establish electronic device manufacturing capabilities. Obviously no small task, but over the next few years, he did exactly that.

He refined his design through multiple prototypes with the last few comprising all the elements of the final production model, including motion sensor, webcam, microphone, speakers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth™ and a glass mirror screen capable of distinguishing 10-points of simultaneous touch inputs. He founded Smart Mirrors Pty Ltd in 2017 having already established engineering, manufacturing and supply partnerships in Hong Kong and China. In 2017 they received formal IP65, FCC and CE certification.

Today, Embrace also complies with the electrical safety/electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) legislative requirements to become RCM compliant. (RCM is the tick icon seen on the compliance label of products sold in Australia)

Embrace is also RoHS compliant (RoHS is a Directive that restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in some electrical and electronic products).

Smart Mirrors Pty Ltd is registered with ERAC (the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council). ERAC is the peak body of electrical safety regulators in Australia and New Zealand.

In late 2017, the first batch of Embrace mirrors rolled off the production line and into Australian homes. Certified splash-proof and moisture resistant, and fully compliant with all applicable Australian standards and regulatory requirements.

Embrace had become a reality. The future…

[watch this space!]

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