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Flashing Embrace™

This is our first post in a series of planned tutorials. This tutorial is for the early adopters who received a prototype in 2017 and details the steps to manually upgrade your Embrace’s operating system to take advantage of improvements made to voice recognition and command capability, Mirror Mode and Sleep Settings, as well as updates to all system apps, control of the motion sensor, security improvements… and countless other bug fixes and advancements. Please report any issues and if you run into any difficulties, please contact us we’re very happy to help and it would delight us to hear from you.


  1. A computer running Microsoft Windows 10.
  2. One paperclip, tweezers or the like. (Used to press Embrace’s reset button.)
  3. Standard male-to-male USB Type-A cable (Priced from $4 with free delivery on eBay.)

Step One: Download the following two files.

File 1: PhoenixSuit

PhoenixSuit is Android™ management software used to update Embrace’s firmware using Windows™
contact us for the download link

File 2: Embrace’s Firmware File (~1.2 GB)

The firmware file is Embrace’s complete operating system that you will install on Embrace using PhoenixSuit.
contact us for the download link

Step Two: Ready your computer for the Flashing.

1) Extract PhoenixSuit with a right-click and selecting “Extract All” as shown:

2) Open the file “phoenixsuit.exe” to install PhoenixSuit and click “Yes” when prompted to launch PhoenixSuit:

4) Click the “Firmware” tab and then the “Image” button to select the Firmware file (“Embrace_v29.img”) downloaded in Step One.

Step Three: Connect.

1) Embrace must be powered off.

2) Whilst Embrace is powered off, connect Embrace to your computer using a Male-to-Male Type-A USB cable.

Step Four: Turn Embrace into Flashing mode.

1) Ensure Embrace’s power is OFF.

2) Whilst Embrace is still powered OFF, using a paperclip, tweezers or the like, gently insert it into the tiny reset hole next to Embrace’s USB port so you can press the reset button.

3) While pressing the reset button and still holding it down, turn Embrace’s power ON.
Note: You will feel and hear a slight click when you correctly press the reset button.

3) After 2 seconds, please let go of the reset button.

4) On successful completion of the above steps, your Embrace should display a blank screen instead of the standard Embrace logo and boot animation sequence.

Step Five: Driver Installation

Your computer will detect Embrace, but without the correct driver it cannot talk to it. Install the Driver to enable your computer to interact with Embrace.

Step 1) Open Device Manager

Step 2) Navigate to Universal Serial Bus controllers

Step 3) Right-click on “USB Device(VID_1f3a…)” which is your Embrace, and click Update or Install Driver.

Step 4) The Driver is located in the PhoenixSuit software you downloaded in Step One.
Navigate to “…\PhoenixSuit_V1.10\PhoenixSuit_V1.10\Drivers\AW_Driver” and complete the installation of the Driver.

Step Six: Upgrade.

Step 1) PhoenixSuit will still report “No Device Detected” so please close PhoenixSuit and power off Embrace.

Step 2) Re-open PhoenixSuit. Click the “Firmware” tab and then the “Image” button again. Select the Firmware file (“Embrace_v29.img”) downloaded in Step One.

Step 3) Complete Step Four again, “Turn Embrace into Flashing mode” and then you will be greeted with the following:

Step 4) Click “Yes” and “Yes” again; congratulations if you have made it this far. The flashing has began!

The transfer of the upgrade only takes 1-2 minutes. However, you must allow Embrace 20 to 30 minutes to unpack, process and apply the upgrade. Please set a timer for 20 minutes before trying to use Embrace.

Step 5) Before using Embrace, it’s very important to wait until the following “Activate Device Administrator” screen appears. The screen appears after ~20 minutes and you must select “Activate” to enable the on-screen movable control bar, without which navigation is impossible.

Step Seven: Follow on-screen instructions.

1) After allowing Embrace 20 minutes to process the upgrade, only then confirm on-screen messages and complete the Setup Wizard.

2) Add a Google Account and then allow the System Apps and all the additional apps time to download and install.
This important process can take 30-60 minutes depending on your download speed. Please ensure you have a strong internet connection.

3) Please refrain from using your Embrace and installing additional apps, until after all the system apps have downloaded and installed.

4) You can track the progress of downloads and updates by opening the Play Store app and navigating to “My apps & games.”

Step Eight: Google Assistant

After having waited for all the pre-installed system apps to have auto-updated, we recommend installing the stand-alone “Google Assistant” app from the Play Store for added functionality.


Enjoy your new and improved Embrace, and check back soon for more tutorials including:

  • details on how to control disparate devices with a single voice command
  • advanced customisation options
  • instructions on how to change the boot animation
  • random tips & tricks to get even more out of your Embrace

If you would like a specific tutorial or have any questions, please post below or contact us.


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